If I was a girl.

If I was a girl.

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Completely and utterly correct.

I wish people would realize,

That everything is open for interpretation. As Marcus Aurelius said, ” Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perception, not the truth. ” To blindly follow anyone or anything, simply isn’t human nature. It is our nature to question, innovate, create, and build, just as much as it is to destroy. We have nothing to blame for our triumphs and failures but ourselves. 

The strangest things in life are often the most beautiful.

What influence, in fact, have ecclesiastical establishments had on society? In some instances they have been seen to erect a spiritual tyranny on the ruins of the civil authority; on many instances they have been seen upholding the thrones of political tyranny; in no instance have they been the guardians of the liberties of the people. Rulers who wish to subvert the public liberty may have found an established clergy convenient auxiliaries. A just government, instituted to secure and perpetuate it, needs them not.

James Madison; father of the Constitution

A Memorial and Remonstrance, 1785



“There is nothing unusual about Governor Rick Perry. Uneducated fools can be found in every country and every period of history, and they are not unknown in high office. What is unusual about today’s Republican party (I disavow the ridiculous ‘GOP’ nickname, because the party of Lincoln and…